Novice Drivers
I provide high quality training for Novice Drivers preparing for their DSA Test.

In additional to practical training, included in the fee, I provide advice and assistance for the Theory and Hazard Perception Tests. Tuition will be given in a modern dual-controlled car. For those clients who prefer to use an automatic, alternative arrangements can be made.

COST:  £35.00 per hour + VAT. A course of 10 pre-paid lessons will cost £315.00 + VAT.

Newly Qualified Drivers
It is a sobering fact that newly qualified drivers are particularly vulnerable to a higher risk of crashing within the first two years of having passed their test.

In addition to providing Pass Plus Courses, I work closely with the Warwickshire and Gloucestershire County Council Road Safety Departments providing on-road training for recently qualified drivers.
Courses are run on a 1-to-1 basis and conducted in the familiarity of your car.

COST:  Pass Plus £210.00 + VAT.

To book a Course, call us on   01608 666134    or    07970 030179
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