"For the majority of people, the most dangerous thing they do while at work is drive on the public highway." Quote from HSE

All companies must provide a duty of care for their staff and companies with more than five employees must comply with Health & Safety Act 1974. Driving Solutions (UK) understands the requirements to effectively manage occupational road risk and is able to assess your company's requirements. We are able to ensure that appropriate road risk management procedures are in place and implemented accordingly.

We are able to ensure that staff are given appropriate training and that supervisory and audit procedures are put in place.
Drive home safely tonight with Driving Solutions (UK)

COST:  Introductory Half Day Drive - £150.00 + VAT
Full Day On-Road Drive - £300.00 + VAT

Driving Solutions (UK) prides itself in being able to put together a bespoke Road Safety Workshop presentation to meet your requirements.

COST:  Half Day - £150.00 + VAT
Full Day - £300.00 + VAT

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